Acoustic isolations

We make insulation measures to reduce noise levels:

  • environmental, aiming to achieve a level allowing plants to work in acoustically protected areas ,
  • in production halls, designed to protect workers, removing the risk of acoustic harm requiring the use of personal hearing protection.

Produced by us acoustic enclosures were used, among others in:

  • automotive,
  • the furniture industry,
  • road construction industry.

Insulations are made of non-combustible materials, resistant to industrial conditions and weather, among others we use , wall sandwich made of steel with mineral wool, and specialized insulation materials designed for industrial applications.

We never use sponges and foams, which are used in recording studios and were not designed to be used in the industry.

Each of our project in the field of acoustics is preceded by a study identifying the most troublesome sources of noise. After installation of insulation we perform confirmatory testing the efficacy of the installed enclosures. For research use analyzer Svantek SVAN 971.